Racing is taxing physically on both drivers and crew members. A driver with physical discomfort may be distracted from racing the car at 100%. Likewise, a crew member may not perform duties in the pits at maximum efficiency, which could cost precious time on the track.  As a certified athletic trainer and licensed physical therapist, Julia can help decrease physical stress to improve job performance

Trackside Services

Injury assessment
Assessment of acute and chronic injury
Sports massage
Including muscle energy techniques
Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization including cupping
Individualized stretching programs
Joint mobilization and manipulation for improved movement and pain relief
Taping/bracing techniques including splinting and elastic therapeutic tape
First Aid
Attending to everything from cuts/scrapes to more serious injuries
Warm up/cool down
Individualized programs for driver and crew
Ergonomic assessment
Ergonomic assessment of driver positioning in the car as well as pit stop efficiency of the crew
Nutrition and hydration
Counseling for nutrition & hydration
Oversee medical conditions
Assist in managing general medical conditions like diabetes, asthma, common cold, etc.
Intermediary between patient and MD
Act as intermediary between patient and physician, including decision-making regarding further follow up
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Julia is also available to provide remote and/or in-person services when not at the track. 

This includes: 


  • Comprehensive injury risk assessment

  • Workplace ergonomics assessment (for team shops)

  • All manual techniques included in trackside services 

  • All remote services with demonstrations and hands-on corrections 


  • Therapeutic exercise progression

  • Physical training program consultation or creation

  • Exercise form assessment via video consult

  • Communication with any other medical personnel included in driver/crew management

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Nutrition and hydration

Counseling for nutrition & hydration