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What is a concussion? Why does it matter in motorsports?

Plain and simple, a concussion is a brain injury. A concussion affects the way your brain functions at the cellular level. It can affect your ability to pay attention, make timely decisions, and identify hazards, among other symptoms. In a racing environment, drivers especially need to be able to pay attention so that they can identify hazards like a car spinning in front of them and then make split second decisions to avoid that car. If they can’t, drivers could be a danger to themselves, as well as other drivers on the track with them.

The Good News

The majority of people with concussions recover within two weeks!

The Bad News

If someone with a concussion does not allow time to heal before returning to their sport, they can prolong their recovery time and possibly develop Post Concussion Syndrome.

Concussion Myths Debunked

Hover over the myth to see the answer!


Less than 10% of people diagnosed with concussion lose consciousness.

You have to lose consciousness to have a concussion 


Regular x-ray, MRI, or CT scan will not show a concussion because the injury to the brain is at the cellular level. Advanced tests can show damage but are not routinely performed.

You can diagnose concussion with routine medical imaging 


Concussions generally happen from a rotational acceleration or deceleration force to the brain - like when you suddenly stop in a car and your head jolts forwards.

You have to hit your head to get a concussion

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